WiFQHA Youth

Youth and Foundation Horses

We are really proud to have a large group of youth who show with us. The youth are our future generation and join us in preserving and promoting the Foundation Quarter Horse.  


Youth Mentor

The youth Mentor will have a good understanding of Foundation's purpose. The youth mentor is responsible for involving and helping the youth to participate in WiFQHA activities. This includes promoting Volunteer work and making the show a positive experience for all of our youth involved.  

2019 Youth Mentor: TBD 


Bronco Bucks and Horse Cents

Bronco bucks can be earned by youth who show or volunteer at WiFQHA events. Opportunities include:  showing at WiFQHA shows (youth Classes), visiting the booth at Midwest Horse Fair, setting up/ taking down and/or cleaning stalls, working the exit or exit gates, helping in the office,...etc. At the end of the year, youth may spend their Bronc bucks during the youth auction. The youth auction is held at the awards banquet every year. Bronco Bucks will NOT carry over to the next year, so spend them while you got them.    


WIFQHA Scholarship Opportunity


The purpose of the WIFQHA is to provide a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization for the promotion of the Foundation Quarter Horse and encourage the Registration of the Foundation Quarter Horse in any nationally recognized Foundation Quarter Horse Association. In order for a horse to be considered for registration, 75% of his pedigree must trace back to the original 27,000 horses registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. No Thoroughbred may be closer than the fourth generation of the horse that is being registered. The intent, in addition to the above, is to provide an environment and atmosphere for families and youth to learn and grow through positive and appropriate leadership. 


Ideal Candidate must be:

  1. A current member of the Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Association, and have maintained two or more years of membership, in which one of those years must be the candidate’s last eligible year of youth membership. 
  2. Member should be actively involved with WiFQHA and promote the purpose of the Foundation by show participation and volunteering. 
  3. Member must apply during their senior year of high school. Recipient must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average. 

Current or previous WiFQHA scholarship recipients are not eligible to receive this scholarship. Funding for this scholarship will be applied to either a two-year or four-year degree program of the student’s choice. Scholarship dollar amount may vary from year to year and will be approved by the currently appointed Board Members. Payment will be made directly to the educational institution after completion of the first semester.