Please make sure that you bring your current coggins papers, FQHR papers for your horse and your current FQHR membership card/number to the first show. 

We highly encourage registering your horse online to help minimize the wait time in the show office.  The link for online entries is located below.  Each show will need to be registered separately.  
If the horse/rider has not been to our shows perviously, the online registration will not preload the information. It is best for new riders and new horses to email Cindy Koperski at with their entry forms in order to put them into the system.  Once entered into the system, you will then be able to use the online registration link for future shows.

We currently only accept cash or check for payment at the shows. 

NSF fees will apply for any returned checks.

Here are the dates for the WiFQHA 2020 shows.  We hope to see you there!


June 5th-7th, 2020

July 3rd-5th, 2020

August 7th-10th, 2020

September 11th-13th, 2020



Horse stall reservations will be accepted per show and will be on a first come first serve basis. We will allow reservations for tack stalls, however we reserve the right to  decline your request based on horse stall availability.  Please fill out the stall reservation form and send to Chris DeGidio at .

The Volunteer Sign Up sheet will be available in the show office. 



 We have hired help for the September show.  Volunteering is still welcome as it continues to help us run the shows. Thank you for all that have applied and volunteered this show season.


Camping reservations are accepted per show on a first come first serve basis.  Please fill out the camping reservation form below and return to Cindy Koperski 13925 Eagle Ridge Road Ferryville, WI 54628



Hello new and current WIFQHA members and friends!  

The WIFQHA Board would like to clarify how the Jackpot classes will work this year.  

We have 6 Jackpot classes available this year: Pole Bending, Barrels, Handy Ranch Horse, Ranch Riding, Herd Work, and Limited Working Cow Horse. 

FQHR and All Breed horses are eligible to enter a Jackpot that will run concurrent with the regular classes.  You must enter a regular class in order to enter the jackpot.  You do not get an extra run for a jackpot entry.  Your score from the regular class will be used for the jackpot class. At time of entry, you must declare which class you would like to designate as the one you want your jackpot score or time to come from. Once classes have started you may NOT change your Jackpot choice.

The Jackpot class groupings are below all divisions are competing against each other in the same jackpot:

  • Classes 1-8 will be eligible to enter the Pole Bending Jackpot (class 4) you cannot enter class 4 without entering one of the other classes. 
  • Classes 9-16 will be eligible to enter the Barrel Jackpot (class 12) you cannot enter class 12 without entering one of the other barrel classes.
  • Classes 35-43 will be eligible to enter Handy Ranch Horse Jackpot (class  39) You cannot enter class 39 without entering one of the other classes.
  • Classes 84-90 will be eligible to enter Ranch Riding Jackpot (class 85) You cannot enter class 85 without entering one of the other classes.
  • Classes 100-105 will be eligible to enter Herd Work Jackpot (99) You cannot enter class 99 without entering one of the other classes.
  • Classes 117-122 will be eligible to enter Limited Working Cow Horse Jackpot (class 116) You cannot enter class 116 without entering once of the other classes.   

For example:

If I sign up for class 1, 4, & 5, I am interested in signing up for the Pole Bending Jackpot and I designate class #1 to be my Pole Bending Jackpot class. I will get a placing and points in class 1 and 5 and the time from my run in class 1 will be used in to get a placing for all horses entered in class 4 (jackpot) from all divisions this is a money only class no points will be awarded.   

Let’s have some FUN!