WiFQHA Futurity

WIFQHA Open 3 & 4 - Year old Futurity

100% payout

  • All Show Fees Apply
  • Judged by FQHR rules

You buy one slot per horse at base price and it is non-transferable.

Must buy the slot before the end of the year of eligibility for Weanling - Two-year-old.

You may name the horse at a later date, but will cost + $50.

Deadline for naming the horse is May 1st of the showing year.

If you are showing a 3 or 4 year-old in their year of eligibility, and haven’t already bought a slot, you will have to buy the slot and name the horse by May 1st.

Starting in 2019, 3 year old horses will be shown in Open and 4 year old horses shown in Amateur

  • No refunds or substitutions allowed
  • A two-sided photocopy or original of registration papers must be provided at the show for verification

Entry Cost

First price is if you name when slot is bought. Second price is if you name at a later date.

  • Weanling   $150/$200
  • Yearling   $250/$300
  • Two-year-old   $350/$400
  • Three-year-old  $350/$400
  • Four-year-old   $350/$400

The + $50 for naming later will go into a Breeders Incentive Fund. The Breeders of horses placed in the money will divide that money. 

Breeders Incentive Fund will pay out two places in each division at 60%/40%. Owner/Exhibitor must be current FQHR and WIFQHA member.

Classes for participation-

Open:  Conformation - Ranch Reining - Herd Work

Amateur: Conformation - Ranch Riding - Limited Working Cow Horse

The judges score card for conformation will consist of 7 attributes. 

They are: 

  • Athletic ability 
  • Feet/legs
  • Head/neck 
  • Balance
  • Breed/sex characteristics 
  • Slope of shoulder
  • Eye appeal

Score card will be done on average of 72 plus/minus. The other classes will use the score off the judges score card based on FQHR rules.

Horses signed up for the futurity will be judged at the September show.

Purse will be paid out 100% each division, payout based on entries.

For more information contact: Maria Bendixen 715-937-5058

To purchase a slot in the futurity contact: Jenny Lance 608-397-0399


WIFQHA Futurity Entry Form